OneHundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Civil Battle

Most historians agree with that with out the Civil warfare, slavery would have continued for many years, probably generations. though emancipation become a byproduct of the conflict, no longer its goal, and white individuals genuinely failed at some point of Reconstruction to guard and assure the rights of freed slaves, the submitwar amendments enshrined the promise of full citizenship and equality in the charter for later generations to fulfill.

What this shows is that the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Civil battle is just too slim a lens through which to view the battle. we’re commemorating the 4 years of combat that began in 1861 and ended with Union victory in 1865. but Iraq and Afghanistan remind us, another time, that the aftermath of warfare¬†matters as much as its preliminary final results. even though confederate armies surrendered in 1865, white Southerners fought on with the aid of other means, sporting down a struggle-weary North that become ambivalent approximately if now not adverse to black equality. searching backwards, and hitting the pause button on the Gettysburg address or the passage of the 13th change, we see a “right” and successful struggle for freedom.


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