Inspired with Indistinct Notions of Freedom

While Stephen A. Douglas did not reunite the Democrats in 1860, he opened the door to a Lincoln victory. Meanwhile, Brown organized a quixotic plot to invade the South and stir up an army of slaves. Speedy captured on the armory in Harpers Ferry, Va., attempted for treason and hanged, he became hailed with the aid of abolitionists as a martyr. After that, the idea that Northern Republicans supported slave riot became the defining topic, for Southerners, of the 1860 election. A vote for Lincoln turned into in many minds a vote for the type of blood-soaked rise up that had freed the slaves of Haiti and left hundreds of white slave proprietors dead.Abolitionists had “inspired with indistinct notions of freedom,” explained President James Buchanan as he prepared to go away workplace. “Many a matron at some stage in the South retires at night time in dread of what may additionally befall herself and her kids before morning,” making “disunion… Inevitable.”


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