Large battles

But the real preventing commenced in 1862. large battles like Shiloh in Tennessee, Gaines’ Mill, 2nd Manassas, and Fredericksburg in Virginia, and Antietam in Maryland foreshadowed even larger campaigns and battles in subsequent years, from Gettysburg in Pennsylvania to Vicksburg at the Mississippi to Chickamauga and Atlanta in Georgia. by using 1864 the original Northern goal of a limited struggle to repair the Union had given way to a brand new method of “overall war” to spoil the antique South and its primaryorganization of slavery and to offer the restored Union a “new birth of freedom,” as President Lincoln put it in his deal with at Gettysburg to devote a cemetery for Union squaddies killed within the struggle there.

bodies in the front of the Dunker Church – Antietam Battlefield (Library of Congress)
For three lengthy years, from 1862 to 1865, Robert E. Lee’s army of Northern Virginia staved off invasions and assaults via the Union army of the Potomac commanded with the aid of a series of ineffective generals until Ulysses S.


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