Our Northern confederates

Our human beings, still connected to the Union from dependency and country wide traditions, and averse to alternate, was hoping that time, motive, and argument might deliver, if now not redress, at the least exemption from similarly insults, accidents, and risks. Current occasions have absolutely dissipated all such hopes and tested the need of separation.Our Northern confederates, after a complete and calm listening to of all of the information, after a honest caution of our reason not to publish to the rule of the authors of most of these wrongs and accidents, have by a big majority committed the government of america into their palms. The people of Georgia, after an similarly full and truthful and planned listening to of the case, have declared with identical firmness that they shall no longer rule over them. A short records of the upward thrust, progress, and coverage of anti-slavery and the political enterprise into whose palms the administration of the Federal government has been dedicated will absolutely justify the said verdict of the human beings of Georgia.


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