Causes of the American Civil War

Many elements led to the outbreak of battle, however the maximum extensive changed into slavery. The idea on the coronary heart of the 1776 American statement of Independence became that each guy became created identical, but the 1787 American constitution ensured that slavery, the ownership and compelled labour of humans, may want to live on. Northern states had been based often on small farms and growing towns that did now not need slave labour and so many of them step by step abolished slavery. Southern states, but, had big plantations developing cotton that become picked with the aid of enslaved people and so, to them, slavery became not a ethical query, however an economic necessity.
Lots of enslaved human beings escaped and persisted perilous journeys to what might turn out to be Canada if you want to revel in freedom wherein slavery have been abolished (see Slavery Abolition Act, 1833). Many runaway slaves made it north on their very own, even as others were helped with food, accommodations and guidelines with the aid of americans who maintained mystery and unlawful escape routes called the Underground Railroad. Southerners had been infuriated that British North American colonies acted as sanctuaries and so they surpassed laws to stop fugitive slaves — all of which added to tensions between northern and southern states


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