The Combatants of the Civil War

No map can display the precise dividing line between the actual opponents of North and South. 11 States seceded: Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas , and Arkansas. but the mountain people of western Virginia and jap Tennessee were sturdy Unionists; and West Virginia have become a nation whilst the battle turned into being fought. then again, the 4 border States, though officially Federal underneath strain of situations, had been divided towards themselves.

In Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, and Kansas, many residents took the Southern side. Maryland would have long past with the South if it had not been for the presence of overwhelming Northern sea-strength and the absence of any right land frontier of her own. Kentucky remained impartial for several months. Missouri changed into saved for the Union by means of those two inventive and determined men, Lyon and Blair. Kansas, though preponderantly Unionist, had many Confederates along its southern boundary.


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