Enlisted its Press

It has enlisted its press, its pulpit and its colleges in opposition to us, till the whole popular thoughts of the North is happy and infected with prejudice.
It has made combinations and shaped institutions to perform its schemes of emancipation within the States and anyplace else slavery exists.
It seeks no longer to raise or to help the slave, however to destroy his gift condition with out providing a higher.
It has invaded a kingdom, and invested with the honors of martyrdom the wretch whose cause changed into to use flames to our dwellings, and the guns of destruction to our lives.
It has broken each compact into which it has entered for our security.
It has given indubitable proof of its layout to damage our agriculture, to prostrate our business pastimes and to spoil our social gadget.
It is aware of no relenting or hesitation in its purposes; it stops not in its march of aggression, and leaves us no room to wish for cessation or for pause.


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