We’re Standing on a Volcano

That night time he led a small group, such as 4 of his sons, to a proslavery settlement on Pottawatomie Creek. Pronouncing themselves as “the Northern navy,” Brown’s band rousted five men, led them into the darkness and hacked them to loss of life with swords.

Contending armies, artillery fireplace and flames, bloodshed in the Senate and corpses strewn over dew-damp floor. Humans on the time knew precisely what to call it: civil struggle. Kansas Territorial Governor Wilson Shannon used the word himself in a caution to President Franklin Pierce. “we’re standing on a volcano,” Shannon delivered.

The purpose for the eruption turned into simple. As Brown defined, “In Kansas, the question is by no means raised of a man, Is he a Democrat? Is he a Republican? The questions there raised are, Is he a loose state guy? Or Is he a proslavery man?” that is why armies marched and shells burst and swords flashed.


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