The Civil War in New Mexico

Previous to the Civil conflict, residents inside the southern a part of New Mexico Territory had lengthy complained that the territorial authorities in Santa Fe turned into too far away to properly address their issues. Their feel of abandonment turned into further confirmed at the start the Civil war, whennormal troops have been withdrawn from the region. As a result, a secession convention changed into held at Mesilla, New Mexico in March, 1861, wherein citizens voted to enroll in the Confederacy and shaped military agencies to guard themselves.

John R. BaylorWith Union Troops long gone from the southern a part of New Mexico Territory as well as Texas, the 2d Texas set up Rifles beneath Lieutenant Colonel John R. Baylor have been despatched to occupy the series of forts alongside the western Texas frontier, in addition to advancing into New Mexico to attack the Union forts along the Rio Grande River.

about six miles southeast of Mesilla sat the tiny publish of fort Fillmore. originally hooked up to manipulate the nearby Apache, the submit had declined through the years




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