A Cavalry Raid in the Civil War

The order became given, in ringing voice: “form fours! draw sabre! charge!” and now the confederatepeople pursued at headlong speed, uttering shouts and yells sufficiently loud to evoke the seven sleepers! The guys have been obviously exhilarated by way of the chase, the enemy just keepingclose to enough to make an occasional shot possible. A great number of the Federal cavalrymen were overtaken and captured, and those proved to belong to the enterprise in which Colonel Fitz Lee had previously been a lieutenant.

The homosexual chase continued till we reached the Tottapotamoi, a sluggish circulate, dragging its muddy waters slowly among rush-clad banks, underneath drooping timber; and this became crossed by way of a small rustic bridge.

the line of the movement changed into entirely undefended by means of works; the enemy’s right wing changed into unprotected. The wood at the bridge have been quick pushed in, and disappeared at a gallop, and on the excessive floor beyond, Colonel Lee, who had taken the front, encountered the enemy. The pressure seemed to be about a regiment, and that they have been drawn up in line of warfare inside the fields to receive our assault. It got here at once. putting himself at the pinnacle of his horsemen, Colonel Lee swept forward at the pas de rate, and with shouts, the two traces camecollectively. The shock turned into heavy, and the enemy stood their ground bravely, assembly the attack with the sabre. Swords clashed, pistols and carbines banged, yells, shouts, cheers resounded; then the Federal line became visible to present lower back, and take to headlong flight.
Colonel Fitz LeeFitz Lee immediately pressed on and burst into the camp close to old Church, whereinhuge supplies of shoes, pistols, liquors, and other commodities have been found. those were briskly appropriated with the aid of the guys, and the tents had been set on fire amid loud shouts. The spectacle changed into animating; but a record having got abroad that one of the tents contained powder, the place thereof changed into evacuated in almost less than no time. We were now at antique Church.

“I suppose the faster we circulate now the higher,” I said, with amusing.

right,” became the reply; “tell the column to transport on at a trot.”

So at a speedy trot the column moved.

The gayest part of the raid now commenced. From this second it was neck or nothing, do or die. We had one threat of break out in opposition to ten of seize or destruction.


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