Bleeding Kansas

Records textbooks say the Civil battle commenced with the shelling of citadel Sumter. The truth is, but, that the Founding Fathers noticed the whole lot coming. They walked away from the Constitutional convention fully aware that that they had planted a time bomb; they hoped future leaders could discover a manner to defuse it earlier than it exploded.

As the constitution become being written, James Madison determined, “It seems now to be pretty properly understood that the real distinction of pastimes lies not between the big and small however between the Northern and Southern states. The organization of slavery and its effects form the line.”

as long as the disagreement remained basically a count of North and South, the threat seemed manageable. However then North and South regarded to the west. All that land, all the ones assets — the concept that the frontier might be closed off to slavery changed into unacceptable to the South. It felt like an indictment and an injustice rolled into one.


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