Civil War Campaigns

Whilst John Brown raided Harpers Ferry in 1859, he set in motion activities that led at once to the outbreak of the Civil struggle in 1861. Climaxing many years of bitter wrangling and pitting two vast sections of of the kingdom towards every other, Northerners referred to as it the warfare of the rebellion, Southerners — the battle between the States. some of army operations, of which, one or extra battles are related, took place on both facets of the conflict. There had been predominant theaters in which the important army operations happened – the jap and the Western. In war, a theater is used to outline a selected geographic vicinity within which armed struggle occurs.

The japanese Theater kind of comprised the place east of the Appalachians inside the place of the rival capitals of Washington and Richmond and the Western Theater, become positioned often among the western slope of the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River. Lesser operations additionally took place along the coasts and inland waterways called the decrease Seaboard Theater and Gulf technique. inside the Trans-Mississippi Theater, the area encompassed the states and territories west of the Mississippi River, but excluded those states bordering or close to the Pacific Ocean; and sooner or later, there has been just one war inside the Pacific Coast Theater.


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