Reverse-Engineered a Reason

As Lincoln cautioned in his second Inaugural cope with, the whole state, North and South, profited from slavery and then paid dearly for it.

So that they reverse-engineered a reason worthy of these heroics. In addition they sensed, efficaciously, that the cease of slavery would confer a gloss of nobility, and bragging rights, on the North that it did not deserve.

The manner of forgetting, and obscuring, became long and layered. A number of it become benign, however not all. It started out with self-justifying memoirs by means of defeated confederate leaders and became picked up by way of warfare-weary veterans on both aspects who desired to transport on. Within the devastated South, writers and historians kindled comforting tales of noble cavaliers, excellent generals and satisfied slaves, all faithful to a glorious lost purpose. Inside the wealthy North, where cities and factories started filling with freed slaves and their descendants, big audiences had been glad to embrace this concept of a time whilst racial issues had been each easy and distant.



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