What precipitated the Civil battle?

Quickly earlier than the castle Sumter anniversary, Harris Interactive polled greater than 2,500 adults throughout the united states, asking what the North and South were fighting approximately. A majority, including two-thirds of white respondents within the 11 states that shaped the Confederacy, answered that the South changed into especially inspired by way of “states’ rights” in place of the future of slavery.

The question “What precipitated the Civil battle?” returns 20 million Google hits and a wide array of arguments on net remark forums and discussion threads. The Civil warfare became due to Northern aggressors invading an unbiased Southern nation. Or it turned into caused by excessive price lists. Or it turned into resulting from blundering statesmen. Or it was caused by the conflict of business and agrarian cultures. Or it turned into because of fanatics. Or it became as a result of the Marxist class war.

On and on, reputedly countless, every so often contradictory — even though now not amongst mainstream historians, who within the beyond era have come to view the question an awful lot as Lincoln noticed it.


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