Battle of Chancellorsville

Antietam and Shiloh
if 1861 had disabused individuals north and south of the belief this would be a quick warfare, 1862 confirmed how horrible its price in human life would be, beginning with the two bloody days of the conflict of shiloh in tennessee and continuing thru a sequence of battles in virginia and the united states’s bloodiest single day, the battle of antietam in maryland. september saw simultaneous accomplice invasions into maryland and kentucky in september. neither, but, was lengthy lived.
the 12 months 1862 ended—and the brand new 12 months might begin—with any other bloodbath, on the banks of stones river out of doors murfreesboro, tennessee. ordinary, the scales had been still almost balanced among the twofacets of their conflict to restore the union or to set up a southern confederacy.
the tide of struggle shifted quite in favor of the union in 1863, no matter a super victory via robert e. lee in the struggle of chancellorsville, a struggle that value the life of his daring lieutenant thomas “stonewall” jackson. lee then suffered a main defeat at gettysburg, pennsylvania, in early july. the victor, george gordon meade, did now not pursue aggressively, and the accomplicegrey fox” escaped to fight some other day. the two antagonists met once more in november in a pressured, inconclusive affair called the mine run marketing campaign.
on april 17, the army of the potomac, under yet another commander, maj. gen. joseph “preventing joe” hooker, tried to outflank lee at fredericksburg by way of crossing the rappahannock and rapidan rivers above the metropolis. in response, lee divided his force, leaving part of it to defend the river at fredericksburg. on april 30, hooker and lee collided near a mansion known as chancellorsville in a densely thicketed location of woods known as the desolate tract. after a remarkable flank assault that disorganized hooker’s proper, lt. gen. thomas “stonewall” jackson became mortally wounded through his personal guys in the darkness. he died can also 10. lee, getting to know the federals had captured fredericksburg, divided his force again and defeated them at salem church. hooker gave up the marketing campaign and withdrew on the night of can also 5–6. the battle of chancellorsville is seemed as lee’s maximum extremely good victory. examine extra approximately the warfare of chancellorsville.


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