The Challenges of North and South

To win the struggle could require lincoln’s armies and army to subdue a place from the east coast to the rio grande, from the mason-dixon line to the gulf of mexico. to prevent a northern victory, the south could should guard that samehuge place, however with a smaller populace and less industry than the north may want to in the end carry to undergo. a short conflict might prefer the south, a long one the north.
theaters of conflict
movements within the war have been divided into the eastern theater, more often than not made out of washington, d.c., pennsylvania, maryland, virginia, west virginia and the coast of north carolina. the atlantic coast farther south turned into the decrease seaboard theater. the western theater commenced west of the alleghenies (west virginia excepted) and persevered to the mississippi river, however it also included the indoors of the carolinas, georgia, and florida. activities farther west are considered to have occurred inside the trans-mississippi theater and the a long way west.


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