States Needed to be Re-Admitted to the Union

Although, many new issues surfaced. The Southern economy, which had been almost totally primarily based on agriculture, had collapsed. The battle had destroyed the plantations and ruined plenty of the farmland. Many Southern towns and towns had additionally been destroyed, and the humans of the South had been desperately terrible. 2d, at the cease of the conflict, the Southern states determined themselves without governments. Those states needed to be re-admitted to the Union, however they could not rejoin the us till that they had hooked up prison country governments. Ultimately, 4 million former slaves had to start new lives as unfastened human beings.

Examine the diaries of James Edmond Pease, a Union soldier; Emma Simpson, a Southern female; and Patsy, a freed slave, to examine what life was like for these younger humans in these chaotic and bloody instances.

1850: Compromise of 1850 effected between antislavery and proslavery factions. It delivered California into the union as a loose nation whilst Texas was admitted as a slave nation. It also abolished the slave exchange from the District of Columbia, although it changed into nevertheless criminal to very own slaves there.


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