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warfare of antietam, sept. 17, 1862, lithograph by way of kurz and allison, circa 1888. american civil struggle: who received which battles?
at the beginning look it seemed that the 23 states that remained inside the union after secession had been extra than a in shape for the eleven southern states. about 21 million people lived inside the north, in comparison with somenine million inside the south of whom about four million were slaves. further, the north became the site of extra than one hundred,000 manufacturing plant life, in opposition to 18,000 south of the potomac river, and more than 70 percentage of the railroads were in the union. moreover, the federals had at their command a 30-to-1 superiority in fingers production, a 2-to-1 side in to be had manpower, and a great preponderance of industrial and economicresources. the union additionally had a functioning authorities and a small but green everyday navy and military.


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